Street Fair Vendor Application - Please Read Details Below

Payment Options



Pay Directly at The Farmhouse Market
(Must Pay at least one week prior to event)


Mail to:
The Farmhouse Market 15 East Main Street, Mooresville, IN 46158

Details of the Event:

1.Once You arrive, please check in at the front counter inside the store. Please bring a copy of your vendor contract and receipt, so that we can quickly check you in.
2.Unloading: Please be courteous of others. Unload as quickly as you can, move your vehicle, and then complete your set up. After unloading your vehicles, we ask all to park along side streets and in designated parking lots on Harrison street. Please avoid the Citizens parking lot as it is used for 5 East event center parking.
3.Do NOT under any circumstances take someone else's space. If you set up in someone else's space, you will be asked to move immediately.
Last but not least, remember to have a great time. We are excited to see what all of you have on display. We will be coming around to everyone's spaces and taking pictures for our social media pages! Again, we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at the event.

If you have any questions...

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