Entrepreneurs are known for their desire to do things their own way. I am no different. I started this company a few years ago with the passion for the farmhouse style. Although it didn’t happen overnight we have become an attraction here in Mooresville, Indiana. I have Built The Farmhouse Market from the ground up. With hope in my heart and fire in my soul. The Farm house is a dream that I had and I made come true and want to share it with the world.
     We have many unique and one of a kind items including hand crafted furniture. Beautifully hand crafted Custom farmhouse tables, benches and kitchen islands. We have tons of  home décor including Dixie Belle Paint, country chic paint, redesign by Prima paint transfers and decoupage papers. We have everything you need to create your own farm house style home.
     When you walk through the doors of The Farmhouse Market you’ll typically find Rikk sanding a table top or staining a bench. You’ll find Kim rearranging the store or helping a customer find that perfect pieces they have been searching for. No matter what you will always feel the warmth and kindness from them both.

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